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souq /sūk/ n from the Arabic سوق var. souk 1 An open-air marketplace. 2 fig A central meeting place for the circulation of news and ideas.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaza's Economy: In the Tunnels

Photos by Iyad Albaba

"Digging a tunnel requires three to four months; Abu Hassan and other workers use an electric machine to pull out piles of sand from a hole that is 21-meters deep. A father of seven children, Abu Hassan explains that 'what pushed me to work in these tunnels is the fact that over the past 16 months, I have been staying idle without job. How could I feed my family? I know it is dangerous work, but what can I do? I have no other option.'"

"Gaza's Flourishing Tunnel Trade" - electronic intifada
"Gaza's Tunnel Economy" - Al Jazeera [ENGLISH]
"Gaza's Tunnel Smugglers Stay Busy" - Christian Science Monitor
"Gaza's Smugglers Going Legit" - Palestine Media Center
"Gaza Tunnels Become an Industry" - BBC

"Gaza Tunnels" - Journeyman.tv/You Tube

Reuters photo gallery of Gaza tunnels

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